Tony Ray Rossi


"Split Ends" - Himself, program also featured Rossi Hair Salon

"Queens Supreme" - episode title "Permanent Markers" - character - Barton

"Find Me Guilty" - Joe Bellini

"Sex and the City" - episode - "To Market to Market" - character Truck Driver

"Dellaventura" NBC network

"One Life to Live" - Robbie -ABC netowrk

"Hey Paisan!" - character - Uncle

"Disappearing Acts" - character - Leo

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" - epsiode "Honor" - character - Security Chief

"Law & Order" - epsiode - "Narcosis" - character - Lewis

"The Sopranos" - episode - "College" character - Fabian Petrulio Episode won an Emmy


Merrill Lynch Sanitation Worker

US West Barber

CBS Promos Principle/Paulie CBS

3 Musketeers Principle M&M Mars Corp

MTV Promos Principle/Skully Radical Media

MCI National Replacement Baseball Player

Italian Food Chain Corp

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