Tony Ray Rossi

Movies that Tony Ray Rossi has appeared in

"Under New Management" - character - JoJo

" Find Me Guilty" - character - Joe Bellini

"Donnie Brasco" - character - Wiseguy

"Stonewall" - character - Vinnie's Bodyguard

" Johnny Slade's Greatest Hits / Meet the Mobsters" - character - Lou

"Firefighter" - character - Lt. Danny Whitworth

"Disappearing Acts" - character - Leo

"The Paw" - characrer - Joseph Sebestian

"The Tournament" - character - Rocco

"Rose Woes and Joe's" - character - Beret Brother

"The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie" - character - Upset Father

"This Thing of Ours" - character - Anthony Russo

"Mail Order Bride" - character - How You Doing Guy No. 1

"Growing Down in Brooklyn" - character - Lou (aka. The Baron)

"8 Shades of Dust"

"John Bathen Tournament"

"The Tax Man"

"Red Square" - character - Chickie the Rat

"Under Hellgate Bridge" -character - Vincent's Crew

" Mambo Café" - character - Henchman#1

"Analyze This" - character - Potatoes

"Kiss Me, Guido" - character - Vinny the Fish


"Hackers" - Biker

"NY Cop"

"Husbands and Wives" - Day Player Woody Allen

"The Naked Brothers Band" - character - Upset Father



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