Tony Ray Rossi

Whether it's the charisma, film actor Tony Ray Rossi brings to any character he portrays, or the ability to put customers people at ease at his Manhattan Hair Salon, it is no surprise that he has been successful in any endeavor he partakes in.

He attended Casile School of Beauty becoming one of the youngest licensed beauticians in the State of New York , when his friend, still photographer, Brian Hamel and mentioned he was doing a photo shoot for an Italian restaurant. Brian encouraged him to audition because casting was looking for Italians to fill the scene. Tony was hired on the spot and besides having a fantastic time, he was 50 bucks richer. Using the still photos from this shoot, Tony went back to casting, and from those photos, more acting roles came his way.

Tony Ray Rossi made his big-screen debut in 1997 in Oscar nominated film, “Donnie Brasco”, after that he went on to play the Fabian Petrulio, in the Emmy winning episode for The Sopranos, “College”. Tony's role was a memorable because since his death was by the hands of Tony Soprano, viewers had to face the fact that Tony Soprano was not a cuddly mobster, but in reality a ruthless killer. That episode also won a Banff Rockie Award for Best Continuing Series.

After Tony's stint on The Sopranos, television and numerous movie roles followed; “Analyze This”, “Law and Order”, “Sex in the City”, “Mail Order Bride”, “This Thing of Ours”, “Find Me Guilty” and “Queens Supreme” to name a few.

An avid motorcyclist, riding a Harley Road King, Tony can be seen zipping through mid town traffic to get to his hair salon which he runs with his wife, Marie, Rossi Hair Salon. With its convenient mid town location, this allows Tony the flexibility to run out to go to auditions. Tony's wife has been nominated 5 times for an Emmy, as hairdresser on various soap operas.

Tony's philosophy is “If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life”



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